In this project, students formed groups to two, one person as the layout designer and the other as the illustrator, to produce 3 magazine spreads together. My partner, Jonathan Pinto (, executed the layout design, while I was responsible for the illustrations.
This project won Best Publication Design at the 16th National Student Show & Conference.
Images courtesy of various news outlets and online sources. 
The article can be found here:
We both thought that collage will be an appropriate illustration style for this matter, because of it can be used to convey a sense of raw, in-your-face impact like the dramatic aspect of 24-hour news that the article mention. 
As the article began to propose a more thoughtful, calming, and reasonable way of consuming news via "slow news," Jonathan designed the layout to incorporate that subject shift by opening up more negative space. I also designed collages that accordingly expressed the calm and meditative quality of slow news. 
Some of our sketches for this project
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Instagram: @jonathanxpinto 
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