In this assignment, students were to choose a Grimm's Fairy Tale that they read, use visual matrix to create a force connection imagery, and design a poster-size book cover for the story using analog methods such as print making and painting combined with digital tools.
This project won Best Illustration at the 14th National Student Show & Conference and Honorable Mention at the 2019 London International Creative Competition.

Mockup in poster form
The story I chose was The Owl, which was essentially about a giant owl that occupied a barn in a town and refused to leave, in which everyone was too frighten to fight against it. Eventually, everyone agreed to burn down the barn to get rid of the owl. The entire story can be read here:

Using visual matrix, I created an image that embodies the synopsis of the story. I explored techniques such as printmaking and acrylic painting, and I also used brayers to add textures to the illustration. 
Mockup in book cover form 
Thank you for viewing my project!

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