This rebrand project aims to reflect the balance of prestige and liveliness that the Dallas Symphony Orchestra (DSO) strikes. The logo is inspired by the architecture of the Meyerson Symphony Center, DSO’s primary performance venue. It is a symbol of excellence and prestige. Combining the geometry of the logo with pops of color and purposeful breaking of the grid, the new brand conveys a sense of playful professionalism that the DSO stands for. 
This project won the Jeff Barfoot's Best Concept award at the 16th National Student Show & Conference.
About this project
Class: GD Advanced Campaign 
Professor: Doug May
My role
Brand Exploration, Research, Visual Identity, Logo Design, Branding, Presentation
The Meyerson Symphony Center Bird's Eye View on Google Maps

Images courtesy of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Photo of Ruth Reinhardt was taken by Tracy Martin.

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