Curiosity Saves the Cat
Illustration // Bookmaking // Cats!
16th NSSC Merit Award, LICC Shortlist
Voodoo Fest 2020
Identity and Extensions for A Vibrant 3-Day Festival in NOLA
Branding // Graphic Design // Collage
LICC Finalist
Lose the 24-Hour News
Collage // Publication Design
15th NSSC Best Publication Design
Gates Foundation Annual Report
Illustration // Publication Design // Bookmaking
Samsung Mobile USA Designs
Marketing Campaigns for Multiple Media Touchpoints
Advertising // Graphic Design // Collage // Social Media Campaign
Cheil USA, Award-winning Agency
Dallas Symphony Orchestra Rebrand
Art Direction // Branding // Graphic Design
16th NSSC Jeff Barfoot Best Concept Award
UNT Division of Student Affairs
Layout Design // Publication Design
What's Up with All These Cats??
Cats! // Illustrations
Museum Service Design with NASA
Envisioning the Legacy of Astro-1
Service Design // Storyboards // UX Research
Animated cats!
Cats! // Animation
Ignite Insight Moving Poster
Illustration // Animation // Motion Graphics
Freudian Sip Logo
Logo Design // Illustration
SpeakBetter App Case Study
App Design // UX Research // Illustration
16th NSSC Merit Award
Texas Fashion Collection Website
Branding // Website Design // UX Research // Wordpress
15th NSSC Merit Award, LICC Honorable Mention
Grimm's Fairy Tale Poster
Illustration // Graphic Design
14th NSSC Best Illustration, LICC Honorable Mention
Aggravation: Animated Gif
100 Things Sketchnotes
Illustrative Notes for Dr. Susan Weinschenk's Book
UNT College of Visual Arts & Design
Graphic Design // Risograph Printing
Kuol Organic Clusters
Branding // Package Design
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