This was a self-promotional piece that I designed in my Portfolio Development class fall semester of my senior year. This little book tells the story of my journey becoming a graphic designer... from a cat's perspective. I will send this to places that I would like to work for to introduce myself and show my personality and design skill. 
This project won Merit Award at the 16th National Student Show & Conference and was shortlisted in the 2019 London International Creative Competition. 
About this project
Class: Portfolio Development
Professors: Deanna Gibson
Special thanks to my professor, David Wolske, for giving me critiques on visual storytelling and bookbinding. 
My role
Copywriting, Visual Storytelling, Graphic Design, Illustration, Prototyping, Bookbinding 
Cat is an animal that I relate to very much; they are playful, determined, and curious. I chose to use a cat as a protagonist not only because I could relate to cats, but also because I wished to make my story more relatable to other creatives, who also shared the experience of wrestling with scary thoughts, dealing with expectation vs. reality, and overcoming those obstacles. I thought that using a quirky, funny, nameless cat might be easier to take the readers through cat's journey than using a realistic narrative of myself. 
I only have a part of the spreads showing here. If you're curious about the cat's whole story, please contact me directly :) 
I went through numerous prototypes to figure out the optimal size, binding, and materials.
Thank you for viewing my project!

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