This was a self-promotional piece that I designed in my Portfolio Development class fall semester of my senior year. This little book tells the story of my journey becoming a graphic designer... from a cat's perspective. I will send this to places that I would like to work for to introduce myself and show my personality and design skill. 
This project won Merit Award at the 16th National Student Show & Conference and was shortlisted in the 2019 London International Creative Competition. 
About this project
Class: Portfolio Development
Professor: David Wolske
My role
Copywriting, Visual Storytelling, Graphic Design, Illustration, Prototyping, Bookbinding 
Cat is an animal that I relate to very much; they are playful, determined, and curious. I chose to use a cat as a protagonist not only because I could relate to cats, but also because I wished to make my story more relatable to other creatives, who also shared the experience of wrestling with scary thoughts, dealing with expectation vs. reality, and overcoming those obstacles. I thought that using a quirky, funny, nameless cat might be easier to take the readers through cat's journey than using a realistic narrative of myself. 
I only have a part of the spreads showing here. If you're curious about the cat's whole story, please contact me directly :) 
I went through numerous prototypes to figure out the optimal size, binding, and materials.
Thank you for viewing my project!

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