The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation strives to enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty globally, and, in the U.S., expand educational opportunities and access to information technology. With that in mind, I designed and constructed this annual report for the foundation as the final project of my Publication Design class. 
The world has reasons to be more optimistic: the incredible works of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation can attest that.
About this project
Class: Publication Design
Professor: Karen Dorff
Photography: Brad Anthe (
My role
Research, Layout Design, Illustration, Prototyping, Bookbinding 
This annual report takes the form of an "optimist workbook" that emphasizes on the foundation's belief that optimism takes work, and the world has a reason to be more optimistic. In it, I includes various activities that fit into the workbook language, at the same time illustrate the works done by the foundation that contribute to why they believe that there are reasons to be more optimistic. 
Photos were taken by Brad Anthe:
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