In this project, students formed groups to two, one person as the layout designer and the other as the illustrator, to produce 3 magazine spreads together. My partner, Jonathan Pinto (, executed the layout design, while I was responsible for the illustrations.

This article talks about how many news outlets around us try to make every issues sound more dramatic and urgent than they really are, and these news outlets tend to favor drama and  reaction over accuracy.  The author called these dramatic and  instantaneous news updates "fast news". The author urges his readers to consume"slow news" such as news magazines and newspapers instead. 
This project won Best Publication Design at the 16th National Student Show & Conference.
About this project
Class: Publication Design 
Professor: Karen Dorff
Team Member/Layout Designer/Cool-Idea Generator: Jonathan Pinto
My role
Research, Brainstorming, Concept Sketches, Graphic Design,  Illustration
Images courtesy of various news outlets and online sources. 
The article can be found here:
We both thought that collage will be an appropriate illustration style for this matter, because of it can be used to convey a sense of raw, in-your-face impact like the dramatic aspect of 24-hour news that the article mention. 
As the article began to propose a more thoughtful, calming, and reasonable way of consuming news via "slow news," Jonathan designed the layout to incorporate that subject shift by opening up more negative space. I also designed collages that accordingly expressed the calm and meditative quality of slow news. 
Some of our sketches for this project
Jonathan's contact info: 
Instagram: @jonathanxpinto 
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