This was a project from my Advanced Graphic Design Campaign class that I took during my senior year. I chose the Impossible Whopper by Burger King as my client to come up with advertisements that promote this product. The Impossible Whopper is the first 100% plant-based Whopper served by Burger King using plant-based beef patty by Impossible Foods.  

My concept is to combine the well-known paintings of René Magritte and the Impossible Whopper to convey the idea of achieving the impossible. Rather than serving as an introduction of the Impossible Whopper to its audience, this campaign aims to continue the conversation and attention conjured up by its initial launch.
This project won Merit Award at the 16th National Student Show & Conference.
About this project
Class: GD Advanced Campaign 
Professor: Doug May
My role
Painting, Graphic Design, Animation
Billboard mockup from Mr. Mockup ( 
Instagram Feed Mockup from
I substituted a part of the paintings with elements that connect back to the Impossible Whopper, using paintings that I did and scanned in digitally. I also created some animations that will be fun to see on Burger King's social media as a part of the campaign. 

I was inspired by Magritte's work throughout the creation of this campaign, especially by The Son of Man (1964), Golconda (1953), and Clairvoyance (1936).  
Thank you for viewing my project!

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