This was a student project in which students were to design a menu for a restaurant. My restaurant was Rapscallion in Dallas, Lowest Greenville.
I chose to combine the aesthetics of newspapers and vintage book covers (with  symmetrically and horizontally driven composition) and modified the visuals based on my research and interpretation of the restaurant. I think Rapscallion is a place with an adventurous spirit along with an intriguing story to tell. Its craftsmanship is sophisticated, but it is not unapproachable; it even has a playful sense of humor.
About this project
Class: Typography II 
Professor: Keith Owens
My role
Research, Brainstorming, Concept Sketches, Presentation, Prototyping, Graphic Design
I did not have the chance to visit the restaurant while I was working on this menu; as a result, I gave myself the liberty to be more imaginative in terms of how I approach this project. I did so by personifying the restaurant as a character and embedding that persona in the menu. 

Given this, I hope that such unrepresentative elements, if present, do not subtract from the project’s overall portrayal of Rapscallion.
Thank you for viewing my project!

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