About Rethink35

Rethink35 is a volunteer-led grassroots movement fighting the planned I-35 expansion through Austin, Texas.
They are pushing for a study of alternatives, including rerouting non-local traffic around Austin and rethinking the roadway through Austin as an urban boulevard.
Learn more at Rethink35.org
My Contributions

Board Member
- Participating in board meetings and voting on significant matters that shape the organization’s future while actively engaging in volunteer activities.
Service + UX Designer:
- Utilizing a solid understanding of UX and service design principles to provide consultations and design solutions including website audits, wireframes, and workshop planning strategies.
- Iteratively designed a responsive web page using Figma and Squarespace for a fundraiser of $100,000+, raising $3000+ in one week and generating a 49% increase in wk/wk unique visitors.

UX Design
Discussion and Workshop Planning + Participation
Graphic Design

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